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Janus Atelier in five european countries

430263 337647796270548 2073755752 aAll three Janus Atelier editions are available in five european countries - beside Slovenia also in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania (distribution EMB - and also in austrian Vienna, in Doblinger music store (



Choral orders

20131007_175900.jpgJanus Atelier is giving a 30% discount for choral orders (more than 20 copies). Buying an edition also means supporting our work - we are very grateful for this and we want to reward it.




Janus Atelier congratulates to Mr. Boris Pahor for his 100th birthday

pahor-boris showMonday, August 26 writer Boris Pahor celebrated his 100th birthday. On this day at 8 pm there was a festive ceremony "Pahoriana" in Ljubljana Opera house, where also Matija Krečič's arrangement of a folk song "Kol'kor kapljic, tol'ko let" for solo soprano, male octet and symphonic orchestra was performed. The ceremony was broadcasted by the Slovenian national television and radio.


The First Performance of Sonata for Violin and Piano

ElizabethViolinist Elisabeth Wöhrer and pianist Davorin Mori will give the first performance of the new piece by Matija Krečič "Sonata for Violin and Piano" at the St. Pauler Kultursommer festival in St. Paul, Austria on August 9. The Slovenian premiere of the piece will be on September 7 at the Koroško kulturno poletje festival in Dravograd.


David Veber has won the New Note 2013 Competition

04.10.2013.-Sekstet Min filharmonijeDavid Veber won the international composition competition "New Note 2013" in Croatia with his work for String Sextet "Opus Palladianum"! The first performance of the piece will be on October 4 at the festival Samoborska glazbena jesen, Croatia by Munich Philharmonics String Sextet.

First Editions

MatijaInDavidWe are happy to announce the first two editions of Janus atelier that came out June 26: "Češnja v belem" for mixed choir by David Veber and "Music for Strings: Antecessores" by Matija Krečič! If you want to order it, please fill out the inquiry form.




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