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Violinist and composer Matija Krečič was born in Ljubljana in 1988.

In 2015, he finished his bachelor degree at Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurt where he studied violin under prof. Helfried Fister and composition under prof. Alfred Stingl. During his studies, he attended a number of music workshops (Primož Novšak, Helfried Fister, Igor Ozim).
In 2005, before turning seventeen, he recorded, together with pianist Gašper Banovec, a garland of Slovenian folk songs, that was written entirely by them. After its publishing, they presented the record on several recitals and festivals across Slovenia, as well as in Italy and Croatia. Between 2008 and 2011, he actively cooperated with Terrafolk – he was a member of the Terrafolk production and Symbolic Orchestra. He also composed and wrote arrangements for the ensembles.
He actively collaborated with Magnifico, Teo Collori in Momento Cigano, Gal and Severa Gjurin, Katarina Juvančič and Dejan Lapanja, Symbolic Orchestra, Tango Story, Orkestrada and Mar Django ensembles. He wrote the music for some short films. In 2013, he participated in two shows produced by the Slovenian national television. The same year, he also wrote symphonic arrangements for Gal Gjurin, Siddharta and Magnifico - including music for the serbian film "Montevideo, vidimo se!", directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić. He composed and produced music for theater and puppet theater plays. In 2016 he composed and produced complete musical ID for 1. channel of Slovenian national television.
As a composer, he has cooperated with several Slovenian ensembles: Ingenium Ensemble, Ljubljanski madrigalisti, APZ Alojzij Mav, Celjski komorni zbor, PAZ Vinko Vodopivec, Ljubljanski solisti, Elisabeth Wöhrer and Davorin Mori...
In 2013 Matija Krečič co-founded a small publishing group called Janus Atelier that now publishes his works. In 2014 Ensemble Janus Atelier was formed. Matija Krečič was artistic director of Janus Festival, that took place in Maribor in May 2016.


  • Slovenska corona for violin solo (2008)
    Missa Nativitas for mixed choir and organ (2008)
    Vöra bije (Prekmurje) for mixed choir (2009)
    Pater hemon for mixed choir (2010)
    Music for Strings: Antecessores for string orchestra (2011)
    Oraculum for violin solo (2011)
    Linčica turkinčica (Rezija) for mixed choir/for vocal group (2011)
    Ne prižigaj luči v temi (arr.) for women's choir/for vocal group (2011)
    Vivir (music for short movie) for string orchestra, piano, bass, kaval and percussion (2011)
    I believe for string quartet (2011)
    In principio erat verbum for mixed choir (2012)
    Imaginary Landscape of Mushrooms for violin and piano (2012)
    Short Piece for Piano (2012)
    Droubna ftica (Prekmurje) for orchestra of tamburica (2012)
    La Melodie du passant for string orchestra (2012)
    Missa Nuptialis for mixed choir and small orchestra (2012)
    Uspavanka (Mila Kačič) for women's choir/for vocal group (2012)
    Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (2012)
    Rozmarinska vejka (Prekmurje) for mixed choir (2013)
    Obraz v samoti (Srečko Kosovel) for men's choir (2013)
    Sonata for Violin and Piano (2013)
    Cantus Modestus (2013/2014)
    Balatonski breig se kmičij for men's choir (2014)
    5 miniatures for ensemble (2014/15)
    Maisteriana for piano (2015)
    Prelude and Elegy for two violins (2015/16)
    Sky is black, Earth is blue for double bass and piano (2015)
    Mesarja hči (Tomaž Hostnik) for mixed choir (2016)

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