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About Janus Atelier group

Four young students form the core of Janus Atelier publishers: composers Matija Krečič and David Veber, and associates Katja Krečič and Miha Banovec. The publisher was founded with the goal to publish original music independently and offer it to the audience and the performers. It was named after the Roman god Janus, depicted with two faces – one gazing into the past, the other into future –an important symbolism, tied to the publisher and the music of both young composers. New compositions rely on tradition, but at the same time search for expressive freshness of the contemporaneity and the future. Another important mission of Janus Atelier publisher is to bring new music closer to the audience and the performers. It sometimes seems that contemporary classical music is too often an end in itself, where its audience remains forgotten. The music of Janus atelier group does not intend to please the masses, but its creators want to present it in a way where the listener has the opportunity to accept, understand, or refuse it.

Members of Janus Atelier group:

  • Matija Krečič, composer
  • David Veber, composer
  • Katja Krečič, administration
  • Miha Banovec, technical support


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